Welcome!  WATCH is  a non-profit Michigan corporation dedicated to protecting the environmental quality of Charlevoix County, particularly its air and water resources.  In 2013 we will celebrate our 30th year as environmental stewards.

What’s New with WATCH, Inc

In the last few months WATCH, inc has made some changes. After a handful of Board Directors retired from their posts three new members of our community have decided to help take on the challenge of protecting the water and air resources of Charlevoix County.

With the recent changes on the board expected changes here, on the web. Our Website is being redesigned and reengineered to reflect the new composition of the Board; meshing the experienced with the newbies. Our goal is to continue to meet and surpass the goals and visions of WATCH, inc and it’s numerous members.

What to look for…

Check out the new sidebar, just to the left of this blog. Here you can see the start of what is to come. We will be keeping you updated on local, state, national and International environmental issues, movements, and news thats important to you. (The international menu has been added… check out the post on World Water Day 2013). Also you can see the menu item for the Directors & Staff (this has not yet been updated), but will soon provide you with information about the current board, employee, and volunteers; so you can get to know the people of the organization that you support. 

Keep checking back for more information on events and what WATCH is focusing on. The Board has transitioned and ready to get rolling on new and exciting projects.

Charlevoix Residents

Community forum November 19, 5:30 – 6:30. Let the Safe Routes to School team hear your ideas on how to encourage kids to ride their bikes to school.


For more information, read the press release HERE.


On October 12 and 13, nearly 30 northern Michigan teachers attended workshops to learn how to teach 6 environmental science modules to their elementary, middle, and high school students. The Michigan Geographic Alliance provided instructors and classroom kits; grants from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation and Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation covered other costs.

This event was sponsored by WATCH and the Charlevoix-Emmet Intermediate School District, with support provided by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

Professor Phil Gersmehl opens the 2-day event with the new module, Climate Change.

Camp Sea-Gull Tour

Charlevoix County residents turned out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon to tour the pristine Hayes Township property, which the township hopes to acquire and preserve for the enjoyment of generations to come.  Hayes Township citizens have stepped up to pledge more than $650,000 in matching funds for the grants the Township is seeking to cover the purchase cost.

The Township Board of Trustees organized the walking (and golf cart riding) tour of the property on Saturday, September 1, from 1 – 4 pm.  There were also guided nature tours for children.

Camp Sea-Gull is at 8580 Boyne City Road.  To learn more about Camp Sea-Gull, including pictures, maps, and the grant proposal, visit this Facebook page.

New City of Charlevoix Zoning Ordinance

A new zoning ordinance has been proposed by the city.  It is currently in draft form, and comments are welcome.  You can make them online if you like, or attend one of the public meetings scheduled to discuss it.

More Information & Meeting Schedule
Zoning Map
Draft Ordinance

When Fracking Comes to Town:  Living in Gasland

Presentations in 4 area locations on August 3, 4 & 5 by Cal Tillman, former mayor of Dish, Texas, and fracking survivor.  Read a news article on the presentation in Gaylord HERE.

Interested in a quick update on the fracking facts and situation? Watch this great little video called The Sky is Pink:

It’s Deer Tick Time

Don’t Frack Michigan – Information Packet

Click HERE

Citizen WATCH Dogs

We have new tools for Citizen WATCH Dogs who care about the Charlevoix County area.

Not sure how to make your opinions heard?

Sometimes it seems like decisions are made and you’re powerless to affect them.  However, if we work together, we can have an impact.

Use our easy online form to comment on any permit request, proposed ordinance change, planning commission action, or ZBA request that has environmental impact.

We’ll follow up on your comments, attend meetings, and speak about the preferences of citizens like you.  Click the link below to use the form:

Citizen WATCH Dog Form

Not sure what you need to review?

We identified this as a challenge in our recent Board off-site strategy meeting.  And we decided to tackle it.

WATCH will be posting copies of some of the items you might want to review, beginning with DEQ and Army Corps of Engineers permit requests.  Over the next few months, we’ll build a library of these for you to review and critique.

Here’s our first permit request for you to review:  DEQ 11-15-0054P  Feel free to just try out the form and let us know how you think the process can be improved.

New review opportunity:  Proposed Storm Water Ordinance DRAFT 02-01-12 for all townships.

Thank you for helping to protect the water, air, and land resources of Charlevoix County.

Your Gift to WATCH this Year Will …

  • Certify teachers to train the next generation of environmental stewards.
  • Answer the WATCH Hotline
  • Assure that WATCH reviews and takes action on all permit requests
  • Produce a documentary film on hydraulic fracturing in our area

Donate Now

Click the “Donate” button.  Your credit card or PayPal payment will be processed for us by PayPal, safely and securely.  Of course, you can mail your donation, too.

On behalf of one of the most beautiful places in the world, we thank you!

Get Involved
See something beautiful in Charlevoix County that you just have to share?  See something that threatens the quality of our water or air, and want us to do something about it?  Email us, call us, or take a picture and text it to us at our NEW Hotline number:  231-224-6116  (call or SMS).

Our members are concerned citizens, aware of the need to be actively involved with issues that threaten our environment.  For more than 25 years, they have protected the water and air resources so important to the area.

Scroll down to the bottom of this page to see a calendar of WATCH events. We welcome anyone who shares our mission to join us.

Interested in getting involved?  Let us know by clicking on the green SUBSCRIBE button above.  Already a member?  You can also update your contact information — your mailing address, your email address — by clicking here.

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