Tell the EPA by Monday to regulate fracking

Bob Wendelgass, CEO of Clean Water Action, urges us to let the EPA know by Monday that we want fracking to be regulated.  He says:

“Pollution from gas drilling threatens our air quality and contributes to serious health problems like asthma, cancer, and neurological issues. State governments, faced with budget crises that have thinned the ranks of environmental regulators, can’t or won’t properly regulate drilling and dozens of new leases are sold every day. And right now, Federal air pollution standards for drilling are woefully outdated.

We believe that it’s time for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to step in.  Luckily, they do too.  Help us support stronger standards today!

In July the EPA proposed new safeguards to reduce air pollution from the oil and natural gas industry.  EPA’s proposal is a good start, but we need to speak out in support of the strongest possible federal standards on air pollution from gas drilling operations!  With more than 500,000 wells already in production today, and thousands more planned, the EPA proposal is our opportunity to limit some of the harmful effects that fracking poses to our children, communities, and health.

Take action today

EPA’s proposed safeguards would cut smog-forming pollutants from oil and gas sources by one-quarter and reduce our exposure to carcinogens and other toxins.  But, while they are a step in the right direction, the proposed regulations could be strengthened by:

  • Requiring the use of best available technology in all oil and gas operations
  • Improving monitoring, recordkeeping, and reporting requirements
  • Regulating all significant emissions sources like frac pits.
  • Regulating all relevant air pollutants, especially methane and hydrogen sulfide
  • Prohibiting all “flaring” or burn-off un-captured gas.
  • Require existing gas production as well as new gas wells to comply.

The comment period on EPA’s proposal ends Monday.  Please take action today to tell EPA that we need strong action NOW!”