Tour the Trail – October 1

On October 1, WATCH hosted “Tour the Trail.”  Thirty brave souls, undaunted by the 38-degree temperature, hiked, ran, biked, or rode a portion of the planned Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail.

WATCH provided a trail-head tent at Ferry Rd. on M66 and treated the explorers to hot drinks, snacks, and a bit of humor.   Golf carts with drivers, provided by the Belvedere Golf Club, awaited those who wanted to tour the trail in leisure.   Bikes from Chet’s Revolution Bike & Boards, were available for those who needed them.   And Mike Spencer, Charlevoix City Planner, did a bit of last minute trail maintenance by removing a tree that had fallen across the trail.

Take a look at the slide show below and you’ll appreciate the beautiful area the trail will go through on its way from Lake Charlevoix to Lake Michigan.

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