We have new tools for Citizen WATCH Dogs who care about the Charlevoix County area.

Sometimes it seems like decisions are made and you’re powerless to affect them.  If we work together, we can have an impact. Use our easy online form to comment on any permit request, proposed ordinance change, planning commission action, or ZBA request that has environmental impact. We’ll follow up on your comments, attend meetings, and speak about the preferences of citizens like you.  Click the link below to use the form:

Citizen WATCH Dog Form

How do we find out about everything going on in our county? This is a challenge for all of us, and we decided to tackle it. WATCH will be posting copies of some of the items you might want to review, beginning with DEQ and Army Corps of Engineers permit requests.  Over the next few months, we’ll build a library of these for you to review and critique.

Here’s our first permit request for you to review:  DEQ 11-15-0054P  Feel free to just try out the form and let us know how you think the process can be improved.

DEQ Calendar as of July, 2012

Thank you for helping to protect the water, air, and land resources of Charlevoix County.