All 6 MEECS Modules – coming October 12 & 13, 2012

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WATCH will provide workshops for elementary and middle school teachers, enabling area schools to incorporate environmental science into their programs at minimal — or no — cost.

In the fall of 2012, we will provide training in all six of the state-approved, recently-updated modules over a 2-day period.  As many as 40 elementary and middle school teachers may attend each workshop.

Why is WATCH doing this?

Our schools lack a comprehensive, up-to-date environmental science program.  Charlevoix County is rich in natural resources, but we do not adequately prepare our young people to protect them.

Nor are we preparing our students for today’s job market and the dramatic growth in green jobs, which require environmental science skills and knowledge.

The MEECS curriculum is aligned to Michigan framework standards and benchmarks, is a rigorous science education program that students like, and has been teacher-tested in Michigan.  It is classroom-ready, but schools and teachers lack the financial resources to implement it, or the time to learn how to teach it.

This program benefits students in 3rd through 8th grades, by preparing their teachers to deliver an exceptional and proven environmental science curriculum.  Students will gain not only increased knowledge, but also an appreciation for the value of our natural resources and ecosystems.  The hands-on curriculum is designed to be enjoyable and thought-provoking, encouraging some young people to pursue careers in environmental or other sciences, and all to become knowledgeable advocates for the protection of our natural resources.

What is MEECS?

Michigan Environmental Education Curriculum Support is an established environmental education curriculum consisting of lessons and support materials, designed to assist teachers in integrating environmental science into the classroom.  The curriculum was developed by the Central Michigan University Science-Mathematics-Technology Center and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.  Michigan Technological University has supplemented three of the curriculum’s units with interactive web-based modules (

Under the MEECS program, teachers participate in workshops that last at least 3 hours per module.  Each hour of workshop training is equal to 0.10 SB-CEU units.  Some workshops are eligible for college course credit as well.  At the end of the workshop, teachers receive classroom unit kits that include the following:

  • Binder of lesson plans
  • CD-ROM version of binder plus extension lessons, supplemental resources, videos, etc.
  • Hands-on activities and experiments
  • Pre- and post-tests
  • MEAP-like unit assessments
  • Posters and worksheets

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