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This is a video of what oil producers and regulators slow reaction to meet the demand that booming oil production has on the aging infrastructure of the railroad. This brings to mind our own aging infrastructure at the straits with the  Enbridge pipeline.

What’s going on around the world in regards to environmental issues and movements.

Sunday, March 22, 2015 is World Water DayRecognized by the United Nations this day is about considering the areas of the world where water is not easily accessible and readily available. Living in Michigan we are blessed with an excessive amount of fresh water (21% of world’s fresh surface water supply); freshwater is something that we can easily take for granted living in an area where we are surrounded. This Friday consider life with less freshwater and CONSERVE. 

Cut your shower short…. or don’t shower at all?!

Wash the dishes by hand instead of running that dishwasher!

100 ways to conserve water… check out this link for more great ideas

WATER is an essential natural resources to all biological systems. It is a basic human requirement for survival (Human body consists 60% of water), its essential to the hydrological cycle which is constantly altering the state of water and the availability of water to different organisms in our environment.

Basic diagram of the hydrological cycle. Showing how water changes and moves from below the earth surface, the surface and the atmosphere. Produced by the USGS.

Basic diagram of the hydrological cycle; showing how water changes states and moves throughout the environment. From below ground, to the surface, into the atmosphere and back; constantly moving. Produced by the USGS.


ATTENTION: Parents and Teachers

Looking for a fun educational activity for your children check out this website Discover Waterits full of great activities to help kids understand where water is located, difference in freshwater and saltwater, and how different organism rely on water. 


How does this affect the United States? Michigan? Charlevoix County?


The United Nations recognizes the importance of water conservation as well as smart practices and developments in regards to water resources. One way the U.N. does this is by recognizing communities, countries, or other governing bodies with the Water For Life Award. There are two categories within which the Water For Life award can be received; either “Best Management Practices” or “Best Participatory, communication, awareness-raising, and education practices.” 


The U.N. presents these awards based on international agreed upon goals and targets as stated in Millennium Development Goals (MDG)Agenda 21, and Johannesburg Plan of Implementation.

Millennium Development Goals – Click the image for more information.

UN(1-4) UN(5-8)




Let’s take a step towards conservation and environmental protection together. In celebration of WORLD WATER DAY this Sunday, March 22. Lets Protect the Great Lakes and all the little inland lakes we LOVE so much.