How do we use your donations?  Here is what we are doing right now to protect the natural resources that we value so much here in Charlevoix County and the surrounding area:

Learn more about WATCH in the Schools
Learn more about the Lake-to-Lake Trail
Learn more about Idle-Free Charlevoix

Area teachers at our Water Quality Workshop - preparing to teach the next generation of water protectors.

Visitors tour the Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail, a 20-year dream that will soon be a reality. The trail will be shared by hikers, bikers, skiers, snowshoers, and snowmobilers.

Our Idle-free campaign and banners in downtown Charlevoix encourage drivers to "turn the key," reducing carbon emissions at the drawbridge and throughout town. And it saves gas, too!

Who you gonna' call? WATCH Hotline! It is where residents and visitors can report environmental issues and concerns. We also partner with St. Mary's Cement and monitor permits & local regulations to safeguard water, air, and land. We're WATCHing!

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