Lake to Lake Multi-use Trail

WATCH is a partner in the project to build a multi-use trail in and south of the City of Charlevoix.  The trail will be for walkers, bikers and snowmobilers.  It is still in the planning stage.

Tour the Trail

On Saturday, October 1, WATCH sponsored a hike, bike, ride, or run tour of a portion of the Lake to Lake Multi-Use Trail.

WATCH provided a welcome tent at the trail head on M66 at Ferry Road.

The thirty trail explorers who turned out had great weather to enjoy this year’s early fall colors. Jo Anne Beemon, who is spearheading the project, reports that when she left her house at 9:30 am it was a brisk 38 degrees. She was met at the trail head tent by hot cider and tea, provided by Michelle Rick-Biddick, Executive Director of WATCH, and her daughter Heather.

Ray Jones and Neil Salisbury, golf cart drivers, with Julie Biddick & Cathy Richardson of Petoskey

Golf carts and young drivers, compliments of the Belvedere Golf Club, awaited those who wanted to tour the trail in leisure. Michelle brought bikes from Chet’s Revolution Bike & Boards for those who needed them. Mike Spencer, Charlevoix City Planner, did a bit of last minute trail maintenance by removing a tree that had fallen across the trail.

John & Nancy Ferguson examine the trail map and sign in while JoAnne Beemon looks on.

The trail was lovely. The group enjoyed happy company, the colors of autumn, the little creeks, the deep swamp, and a little apple tree with the sweetest apples you’ve ever tasted.

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